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Core Values



We are an international, interreligious and intercultural organisation, free from preconception or influence of any one group.


Honesty, transparency and trustworthiness are the highest norm in all our activities.


We actively seek out partnerships and welcome everyone who shares the wish and mission. Together we can achieve more and feel more joy!

Compassion (empathy)

To feel and accept others’ pain and suffering as our own. And then to take action for healing.


To develop the clarity to see our own ego and the wisdom to make the best decisions to benefit all. This ends division and creates union.

Dedication and determination

We are passionate about our mission, believe in our bright future, and always move forward toward that goal.

Infinite potential

Always wish for others to achieve their highest potential and see the potential to create the future, no matter what happened in the past.


Everyone is a leader. Empower as many people as possible to take responsibility to create a new reality based on these core values.

Core Values

Joyfulness and playfulness

We undertake our projects with a playful heart and mind, and with much fun and joy of creation and cooperation.

Our vision is a world where everyone takes responsibility for each other’s happiness. A world where healing, giving, compassion, and altruism are the norm. A world where we celebrate each other’s existence and help one another develop and grow spiritually to create a bright future for all.


The Flame of Hope is a physical flame and a living symbol to transform past suffering into peace among all people. The goal of our work is to promote altruism, healing, and understanding throughout the world. We advocate for unity among people of all religions, nationalities, ideologies, and beliefs. We invite all people to contribute their wishes and dreams to end global war, conflict, and poverty. 


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