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Our Story

The story of the Flame of Hope

For the first time, the common hope of humankind takes physical form!

After praying for Peace with Pope Francis, Earth Caravan created the “Flame of Hope” to symbolize the transformation of past suffering into future peace.

Earth Caravan took the City of Nagasaki’s “Flame of Commitment” to Urakami Cathedral. Following a special ceremony, the Flame of Hope was born. People of all faiths were invited to add their wishes and prayers for peace to the Flame, and then the Flame was taken to many different places of worship as well as to festivals and schools to add more prayers and wishes for peace to it.

Because more and more people from all over Earth added their wishes and prayers to the Flame of Hope, its power strengthened.

The Flame of Hope continues on its global pilgrimage. It is being carried by those who believe the world can change when the flame is lit in the hearts of children …

Once upon a time, there was a flame. It had been burning for a long time, ever since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Then on March 20th, 2019, the Vatican received the Earth Caravan Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice, a global interfaith organization. Pope Francis blew out a flame lit from the embers of the atomic bomb to foretell a future free from nuclear war and all weapons. News of this event made headlines around the globe.

One Earth

One Prayer

One Flame

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