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Since 2000, The Flame of Hope, formerly known as Earth Caravan and Tao Sangha, has helped thousands of people annually by engaging 44 regular volunteers who donate more than 42,000 hours valued at $1,335,600 each year (Independent Sector values a volunteer hour at $31.80). Volunteers keep our services steady, efficient, and effective. 

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The Flame of Hope draws on ancient wisdom to create practices and applications for the contemporary world. Through its innovative treatments and workshops over more than 20 years, The Flame of Hope helps more than 3,500 people around the world each year change their perspective on life, increase their compassion, and become more connected to each other.

We assist people in freeing themselves from attachment through deeply rooted Eastern mindfulness practice. We make contributions to communities in need around the world, train people to embody a giving heart, and offer ancient medical treatments that treat the whole person. 

What We Do:

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To achieve this impact, the Flame of Hope has partnered with many organizations, including Religions for Peace, the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue at the Vatican, the PEAC Institute, International Peace Bureau (Berlin), Tibet House (Tokyo), and Pax Christi.

The Flame of Hope provides economic and social support for communities in need, supporting primary schools in South Asia and the Middle East, providing earthquake and hurricane relief in Haiti, Japan, and the USA, and aiding with peace and reconciliation efforts in the Middle East, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and among indigenous communities in Canada.

Our impact: deeper compassion and understanding

“My life became more enjoyable. I have a purpose to live. There is joy in being able to contribute to others. I can see my heart.”

- workshop participant

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In workshops, Flame of Hope assists people in overcoming the suffering in life by unifying with all other beings and connecting to the true infinite self. Through these workshops, people discover there is no separation between our own happiness and that of others. We also promote Tao Shiatsu, a revolutionary Oriental medical treatment that supports physical and emotional health. 

By creating a path to self-compassion and understanding, our work has opened the door to a more giving heart for the world. 

 “I feel lighter, I feel guided from inside true nature, and know better when I am off the guided path. I feel the importance and joy of being responsible towards self, others, and the world.


“It enabled me to connect with the deep wisdom inside myself and all around me. It has given me an unshakable faith in the positive future of the world and has given me the tools to live a truly happy life. I have learned the secret to creating a happy life and what it takes to co-create a brighter world with all others.”

-Program Participant


Natural Disaster Relief

Raising funds to support victims of natural disasters in the United States, Haiti, Japan, Italy, and Bangladesh

Food and Water Purification

Supporting food and water purification initiatives for refugees in Japan and Gaza

Landmine Removal

Supporting a landmine removal project in Afghanistan

AIDS Orphanage 

Helping an AIDS orphanage in Thailand

Homelessness and Domestic Abuse Relief

Providing financial support to families experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic abuse in Austria, Canada and the United States

Supporting Schools

Providing financial and logistical support to three primary schools in Bangladesh, Nepal, Lebanon, and Jewish-Arab kindergartens in Israel and Palestine

Throughout our history, volunteers have supported global communities in the following ways

Peace and Reconciliation projects

Engaging in peace and reconciliation projects in the Middle East, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and at the WWII concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.

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