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Our Team!

The Flame of Hope International Committee

Ven. Ryokyu Endo 

Ryokyu Endo was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived in New York City as a child. He is the founder of Flame of Hope, Tao Shiatsu and Ki Shin Do (the Way of Ki and Heart). He is also a professional musician, author, peace activist, and Chief Priest of Wada Ji Buddhist Temple (Japan). Ryokyu invented the strategic board game Ninja Hope. He has written eight books and released six CDs and has students around the world who practice the teachings of Tao Shiatsu and the Flame of Hope’s interfaith spiritual practices.

Dr. Alice Kerschbaumer 

Alice is a peace activist, co-founder of the Flame of Hope and an International Tao Shiatsu teacher. For over 25 years, she has dedicated her profession as a general practitioner, emergency, pain therapy, palliative, geriatrics doctor and Tao Shiatsu therapist to envision, discover, and develop ways that humans can heal themselves and the world. Alice authentically and effectively passes on the knowledge of Ki - life energy, meridians and an altruistic approach to health, happiness, and life. 

Clifton Truman Daniel

Clifton Truman Daniel is the grandson of former US President Harry Truman, journalist and anti-nuclear peace activist. In 2012, after attending the Peace Memorial Ceremonies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he said he wishes to spread the thoughts of the hibakusha in Hiroshima. He is a former feature writer and editor of the New York Times Morning Star and Sunday Star News. He currently serves as President Emeritus of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute, a non-profit partner. He is the author of Growing Up with My Grandfather Harry S. Truman.

Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi is the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, writer, and the founder of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. He played in the films Hey Raam (directed by Kamal Hassan) and Road to Sangam. His book, Let's Kill Gandhi, was a bestseller in India for several weeks.
In 2019, he was appointed to the board of the Gandhi Research Foundation.

Magali Brosh

Magali is the Flame of Hope Middle East Ambassador, a Tao Shiatsu therapist and teacher, and a second-generation Holocaust survivor. In 2015, she led the international Flame of Hope delegation that brought the Flame of Hiroshima to Palestine and Israel. The Flame of Hope was brought to Israel in 2023 to be safeguarded as a symbol for a bright future for the region and to light occasions for peace in the Middle East. Magali is a human rights activist for Palestinians and Israelis, as well as a proud mother and grandmother.

Rev. Lawrence Lefcort

Lawrence currently acts as the Flame of Hope’s Executive Director for North America. He is a Buddhist priest, certified Tao Shiatsu teacher and practitioner with a passion for the written word. Born and raised in Montreal, Québec, Canada, he spent much of his twenties living and traveling around south and southeast Asia, as well as the Middle East. Before becoming a Tao Shiatsu teacher, Lawrence worked for NGOs in India and Canada promoting human rights, peace, and human rights education. Along with his life-partner, Anne, in 2020, he opened one of the first democratic schools in the province of Québec.

Rev. YuZan Toyoda

Yuzan is the Flame of Hope Canadian Ambassador, Buddhist priest, certified Tao Shiatsu teacher and practitioner, and a lover of cats and horses. He immigrated to Canada from Japan as a dressage trainer, where he remained active until 1998. He founded a sushi catering company but gave up the business to study healing, acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Encountering the Flame of Hope was a turning point in his life. It led to the re-structuring of his thought processes and taught him to connect deeply to the Universal Way of Being. Yuzan is passionate to share the teaching with Flame of Hope activities to everyone and to bring a bright future to all.

Annie Bachmann

Annie is the Flame of Hope USA Ambassador. She became a certified Tao Shiatsu teacher and therapist while living and studying in Kyoto Japan from 1992-1997. She developed an early interest in holistic health, Eastern Medicine, and world peace. In her twenties she co-managed a tofu co-op, then became a community mediator, taught peer-counseling and conflict resolution to adults and teens, and was director of Interhelp, an international spiritual network of Peace and Justice activists. In 2000, Annie founded the Flame of Hope Healing Center in Madison, WI where she provides Tao Shiatsu therapy, chanting instruction, and holds classes and charitable events.

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