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  • Miwa Tamamoto

Stand for Humanity – Create one “HUMAN” side

New crisis of Humanity

Since the outbreak of a new war between Hamas and Israel on the 7th of October 2024, the human crisis and polarization has reached a new height: so much pain and cruelty is emerging from the dark abyss and people all over the world feel divided.  

Together with some other peace activists, Flame of Hope Netherlands started to stand on Thursdays at the Station in the city of Alkmaar, inviting everyone to join, and to send humane messages to the world. 

How can we human beings overcome this division?

How can we rehabilitate human dignity for all? 

One possible answer is: 

Not talking side by nationality, religion or if you have friends in a country etc.,

but by creating a ‘only ONE side – human side’’. 

Being united with the inner, universal human values such as nonviolence, empathy, respect and justice.

Standing by innocent people who suffer under injustice and inhuman conditions.

These values should be applied to ALL, and not only for the conflict areas, but in YOUR OWN community and your life. 

Flame of Hope, a torchlight of Humanity

Flame of Hope International advocates unity among people, standing for a nonviolent way for peace.   

While violence divides people, creating more hate, anger and fear, and making problems worse, nonviolence explores courage, wisdom and compassion in our heart, asking being conscious of the others’ pain. To find  solutions to ALL pain and the conflicts. 

Mahtma Gandhi  said: you cannot fight violence with violence. You can fight only with love.

What are the important values in life for you which bring people together, rather than divide us? 

Find the common humane values that allow us to stand ALL on the side of humanity! 

Say NO to all inhuman treatment of others. 

Let’s speak out!


“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”  M. L. King Jr.

What kind of world you want to live in?

 Our every word and deed count.


Miwa Tamamoto

International Flame of Hope Committee

EU and Netherlands ambassador


In 1995-1997 Studied Antroposophy and its art-therapy in France

Since 1999 living in the Netherlands.

Tao shiatsu practitioner.


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